Pain Therapy according to the Liebscher and Bracht Method

Everyone should be able to lead a pain-free lifestyle into old age – this vision is what drives pain specialist Roland Liebscher-Bracht time and again after more than 30 years of therapy experience. To do this, he and his wife Dr. Petra Bracht developed a revolutionary treatment method that not only treats pain extremely effectively, but also works without surgery, painkillers, steroids etc.

An accidental discovery leads to revolutionary pain therapy

The birth of this therapy took place from a place of great passion and interest: Roland Liebscher-Bracht was fascinated by the world of Asian martial arts and its elegant movements from a very early age. In the mid-1980s he was one of the most important martial arts teachers in Germany and owner of his own training centers. During his regular training, he discovered that with some movements he was able to find and define the end of pains in different areas of the body. Finally, he made an astonishing discovery: He noted that Again and again, students who had previously suffered from severe pain had significantly fewer or even no symptoms after certain exercises.
How was this possible? What was behind it? Previous conventional medical knowledge could not give a satisfactory answer, so Roland Liebscher-Bracht went on the search himself. When his exercises were used by his wife, doctor Dr. Petra Bracht, showing astonishing successes, they both knew: That they had discovered something that can change pain therapy in a significant way!

The pain process: “from start to end”?

Why do so many people nowadays have more and more pain, although modern everyday life requires less physical stress? And how is it that today’s medicine cannot permanently cure this pain?

All these questions drove Roland and Petra Liebscher-Bracht to pursue further research in this area. Even before a completely new perspective on the development of pain management emerged: It was noted that we only use a few joint angles in our modern everyday life due to one-sided movement patterns (e.g., sitting a lot), strong over-tensioning occurs in the muscles and fascia in the long term. This puts tremendous pressure on the joints and vertebrae, which wear out as a result. Receptors in the body register this damage and pass the information onto the brain. The brain then projects alarm pain into the affected body region.

How can the pain be treated successfully?

Together, Roland and Petra Liebscher-Bracht discovered 72 so-called pain pressure points on the periosteum: These points act like switching levers that can be used to eliminate the patient’s pain. On the basis of this knowledge, Liebscher & Bracht developed the osteopressure technique, in which pressure is exerted on the pain pressure points from the exterior of the body. This in turn resets the exercise programs in the brain that are responsible for muscle tension and will then normalize the tension. The result, which is impressive for many patients: The pain disappears instantly!

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How does Liebscher & Bracht’s optimal treatment work?

Step 1: At the beginning of each session there is a careful medical history intake. Here the therapist takes plenty of time with you to document your current state of pain. Among other things, the following questions will be answered: Where exactly are you in pain? How long have you had this? Which treatments have you already tried or are you currently using?
Step 2: In osteopressure, the pain pressure points mentioned are pressed on the bone in order to normalize the tension in the muscles and fascia and to eliminate your pain.
Step 3: According to Leibscher & Bracht, you will maintain freedom of pain through using osteopressure for the long term & regular use of the bottleneck stretches and the fascia roll massage. You will receive all the necessary information from your therapist.
Additional guidance: So that you are optimally supported in your pain therapy and remain pain-free in the long term, we recommend that you use our fascia roll massage set, specially developed for therapy, with the exercise loop and the DVD, which contains all 27 bottleneck stretching exercises. Our premium dietary supplements, which provide your body with all the nutrients you need during your pain therapy, are also particularly important. You can get everything through the “green recipe” – just ask your therapist about it.

How can you stay pain-free permanently?

In order to be able to remain permanently pain-free, it is of course important to consistently change the one-sided movement patterns that brought on the pain. However, many do not have the opportunity to do so in their everyday life because they either mainly sit or stand in their workplace. That is why Liebscher & Bracht developed the so-called bottleneck stretching exercises: By performing these simple exercises regularly and optimally, which everyone can incorporate into their everyday lives, permanent freedom from pain can be achieved. You can find an exercise program specially optimized for your pain under the video instructions from Roland Liebscher-Bracht on our online pain therapy website:

What are quality partners?

Due to the high effectiveness of pain therapy according to Liebscher & Bracht, our treatment is becoming more and more popular and is being used throughout Germany. In order to be able to continue to guarantee the highest quality of Liebscher & Bracht therapy through different therapists, we have developed the seal of approval “Quality Partner”. In order to receive this seal, our partners have to meet certain criteria: They have to undergo regular training, clinical hours once a year, & pass our quality check guidelines that is used hand in hand with the current treatment measures. In our Therapeuten-Finder, the quality partners in your area are always shown first.

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